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Notes on this edition of Good Sense

Holbach published Le Bon Sens anonymously in 1772. The book was mistakenly identified as the work of Jean Meslier (1664-1729), a Catholic priest who had renounced Christianity in a posthumously-published Testament.  As late as the 20th century English translations of Le Bon Sens were still being published under Meslier's name, often bearing such titles as Common Sense and Superstition in All Ages. Editions ascribed to Meslier frequently include an abstract of his Testament together with Voltaire's correspondence regarding Meslier. Meslier's actual Testament was not published in English translation until 2009.

This version of Good Sense was transcribed from an undated English edition published c. 1895. No translator is credited, but it is thought to be a reprint of a translation published in 1826 by Richard Carlile.